Cressrelles is one of the largest groups of play publishers in the UK. We offer every type of play from mimes, monologues, duologues, sketches, one-acts, two-acts, full length plays and pantomimes.

J. GARNET MILLER (GM) offers adaptations of classics like Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, as well as award-winning festival plays by authors as varied as David Campton, Kenneth Pickering, Ros Moruzzi, Joe Graham, Ellie Fossey, Nicholas Corder, Mark Green and Keith Burton.
(J. Garnet Miller was formed from J. B. Pinker and Sons, Steele’s Play Bureau and the play section of Frederick Mueller Books and has an archive of plays dating back to the 1920s.)

KENYON-DEANE (KD) is renowned for its all-women plays, which have been successfully used by Women’s Institute and Townswomen’s Guild drama groups. Our Script-held Series, where the script is carried during the performance, ideal when time is short or your cast doesn’t have enough confidence in their ability to learn their lines, is extremely popular, and includes plays by Stella Wyn James, Eileen Brandon and Kay Macauliffe. Kenyon-Deane also offers a wide range of plays for mixed casts, such as the popular plays of Sam Bate, Derek Benfield, Peter Blackmore, Stuart Ready and William Dinner.
(Kenyon-Deane was formed from H. F. W. Deane and Sons and Kenyon House Press and also has an archive of plays dating to the 1920s.)

NEW PLAYWRIGHTS’ NETWORK (NPN) was set up in the 1970s to promote the best work from new writers. Highly successful plays from the likes of John Waterhouse, Jack Booth, Don Carroll and John Reason are popular at festivals and as staples of amateur productions throughout the year.

I hope you will find many plays amongst our catalogues to interest your drama group. We will extend the scope of our website in the near future but, in the meantime, you will find downloadable catalogues of plays and theatre textbooks, links to our overseas agents and to UK drama organisations and suppliers, as well as email links to order scripts or to request a performing fee quote.

If you would like to order any of our plays or theatre books or for further information, please e-mail me at simon@cressrelles.co.uk and I will reply with a quote or despatch the books to you immediately.

We are always happy to consider new plays for publication, please e-mail or post a copy of your script(s) to the address below, and I will read it through as soon as I can. Please bear in mind that we receive a large number of manuscripts, so it might take some time to consider your script. If you have any audience reaction or reviews to add, please send them along too.

I look forward to helping you chose the next production for your drama group.

Simon Smith
Sales Director