For Amateur Performances only. To obtain a quote for a Professional Performance, please email Simon with all the details of your proposed performances

Acting Fees

Please complete and return this form with your fee to the address below. Licences cannot be issued without pre-payment and fees should be paid before the performance takes place. Failure to pay the fee makes the performance illegal. Should the proposed performance not take place, please notify us so that we can amend our records and refund your fee where appropriate.

A performance fee is payable on each and every performance of a play.  A performance is any presentation or preview to which an audience of any size is admitted. Play readings may be given on payment of 50% of the full fee on condition that no attempt is made to “act” the play – no costumes, props or movement are allowed.

Requests for information regarding fees and for a licence should be made to the publishers or to our agents for overseas customers:

Concord Theatricals: 235 Park Avenue South, Fifth Floor, NEW YORK, NY 10003, USA. Phone: +1 (866) 598-8449; and email:
DALRO: PO BOX 31627, Braamfontein, South Africa. Phone: +27 (0) 11 489 5000;; and email:
Drama League of Ireland: Mill Theatre, Dundrum Town Centre, Dundrum, Dublin 16. Phone: 01 2969343; email:
Origin Theatrical: PO BOX Q1235, QVB Post Office, Sydney, NSW 1230, Australia. Phone: +27 (0) 11 489 5000;; email:
Play Bureau: PO BOX 9013, St Clair, Dunedin 9047, New Zealand. Phone: 64 6 757; email:

Sometimes performances are given without payment of the fee, this can be due to a misunderstanding within the group, or because it is not realised that buying a playscript does not confer the right to perform the play. All our plays are copyright and cannot be performed without consent.

We are frequently asked to waive or reduce the fee as the performance is for charity. We have to refuse as many performances are for charity and it could be a charity to which the author has already contributed or of which the author does not approve. Please remember that many playwrights rely on performing fees for their livelihood.

We are always pleased to receive reviews and criticisms (good or bad) of our plays. Such material can be helpful when answering your queries and can help us select the right plays for your future use.

Application for Permission to Perform

Download Application Form

Cressrelles Publishing Company Limited

J. Garnet Miller – Kenyon-Deane –
New Playwrights’ Network

10 Station Road Industrial Estate, Colwall, WR13 6RN
Telephone: (01684) 540154

Please ensure that applications are made at least two weeks before the proposed dates of the performances. Please fill in all sections. All rights in the plays published by J. Garnet Miller, Kenyon—Deane and New Playwrights’ Network. are reserved. No performances may be given without payment, in advance, of the appropriate acting fee.

    Please make cheques payable to Cressrelles Publishing Co Ltd.