An Illustrated Guide to Staging History. book One: Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Medieval theatre

Author: Mary Woollard

Number of Pages: 304

Price: £14.50

ISBN: 9780853436249

Getting the staging right for plays of these periods is difficult, but it is essential for proper realisation. Mary Woollard has drawn on her many years of experience as a drama teacher to provide invaluable help on getting the period detail right. The first section details the common principles, such as types of stage, columns, scenic decoration and the making of props. The second section takes each period in turn and analyses the development of theatre, architecture and stage sets. Following chapters give detailed drawings of the dress, armour, furniture, pottery and decoration. With this book you will always be able to find the answer to questions like: “What did Egyptian chairs look like”, “What style crozier did a medieval bishop carry?”

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